My thoughts on the Project Mew Trailer | Pokemon Journeys Anime Episode 65, 66, 67, 68 DISCUSSION

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With Iris returning and Gary retuning to the Pokemon Anime, I guess it's time for me to make a video... but not type too much in the description I actually have to study for midterms AND do something that's due today whoops.
I still wanted to bring this video out and though I'm a week late, I hope you guys still get something out of this video. I know that there has been new news about all of this stuff already but I may or may not have wrote this video at the beginning of the week and didn't realize until like yesterday that new info was poppin.
And i recorded this last night so that was fun.
Anyway, hopefully you guys enjoy! I'll get my discussion video on Pokemon Journeys Episode 64 soon for you guys I just have a few things to work on first.
Thanks for watching! Love you guys :D

also lowkey super scared to hit publish but oh well :3

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